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A few tips for a successful web shop
Creation of a detailed plan

Create a scheme that covers the important areas of your future web store


Define the target customer

Think about who is the person who will shop on your web store.


Creating a web store

Creation of a modern responsive web store that will support all payment models.


Investment in markenting

Determine how much money you can allocate monthly for advertising.


Our works

Chosen web shop

Peace of Chocolate. The perfect dessert for true chocolate lovers. Discover flavor combinations made with the most modern techniques for preparing chocolate candies

Goat cheese Perković

Goat cheeses made in the traditional Slavonic way. Young and semi-hard goat cheese. Smoked goat cheese. Goat cheese with chives.

Taurus transport doo

Delivery of packages of all formats. We deliver your package to the desired address for that hour. Contact us with confidence.

Acupuncture and homeopathy

prof. Slavica Kraljevic. Center for Acupuncture and Homeopathy Kranjčevićeva 36/1, 10000 Zagreb /

Excite group

Grupa Excite - band for weddings. A guarantee of great fun. Call with confidence 098 580 050.

URIHO web shop

Work and protective clothing from URIHO's production is a guarantee of quality and affordable prices.

Croatian Chess Association of Persons with Disabilities

Chess is one of the rare sports in which people with the most severe forms of disability can compete equally with other athletes.